MAMA CONSUELOS is a snack and sauces manufacturer that will supply a range of ginger and pepper sauces with different flavours and fried snacks.

MAMA CONSUELOS Snacks and sauces have all the resources in place to be a success. The founders are a partnership named Koffi and wife Consuelo Gomez. They both began their journey within the catering industry back in Spain where Mr Kouadio was an importer of African dry fruits, coffee and cocoa and Ms Gomez owned and successfully ran a small sandwich and coffee shop also in Spain. After gaining many years of experience within the catering field, they are now ready and confident to start-up this venture in the manufacture and distribution of quality snacks all over the UK.
Their ready-made ginger and pepper sauces will consist of different flavours that will include; hot chilli, sweet chilli, medium chilli, chicken and oregano. They have been received favourably in the market and intend to expand their distribution in hotels, restaurants, catering companies, pizza houses, kebbab shops, coffeehouses, bars, pubs and take away outlets all over the country. The snacks are suitable accompaniments to all kinds of food and dishes.

The original recipe of MAMA CONSUELOS HOT SAUCES was invented and developed by Ms Florencia Gomez, whom is the mother of Consuelo Borile Gomez (CO Founder and Director of MAMA CONSUELOS). Back home in Equatorial Guinea (Africa), Ms Florencia Gomez used fresh ingredients and exotic flavorings to prepare her sauces which was hugely appreciated by her restaurant customers. With Consuelo’s passion for cooking, she decided to resurrect her mothers’ successful sauce recipes here in the UK, and together with her husband Koffi , they decided to go into business proposing more sauces. Today Cobogo Sauces have become a big success within the food condiment industry.