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About Mama Consuelo

mama consueloAbout Us: We are among the leading provider of the best sauce in the world. We provide all kinds of sauce such as pepper and ginger sauce.Check about our sauce on this page.

If you have been looking for the best sauce that will add flavor to your food then this is the place. Feel free to browse our list of products on this page so that you can get your flavor.

Kindly read our story below…….

In the year 2000, we launched our line of goods that were like no other. Products that were thick and sweet and wouldn’t fall through the grill when applied.

We put the products in a few Kerr jars and took it to an established local butcher shop. We asked them to sample the flavors out to customers. After 7 days went by, we checked in to see the results. The butcher said the sauces were a major success. Not only that, but he had a list of customers that wanted to buy the sauces by the case load. Read more here